Pantheon Resources plc ("Pantheon") was formed in 2005 as an independent UK based oil and gas exploration company focused on hydrocarbon producing basins located onshore USA, a region of low sovereign risk, abundant infrastructure and established oil and gas markets. The Company was admitted to AIM on 5 April 2006.  

Pantheon's early activities were focused on exploration/exploitation of oil and gas properties located onshore, East Texas. However, in 2019 the Group strategically acquired 100% of the oil assets of Great Bear Petroleum, a private company which had spent over a decade building a significant portfolio of high quality, high potential properties on the Alaska North Slope, onshore USA. Pantheon has since made a strategic decision to exit entirely its East Texas position in order to concentrate solely on superior opportunity offered by its Alaskan assets.

Over its +10 year history, Great Bear built a significant acreage position on the Alaska North Slope, which Pantheon strongly believed offered enormous size and scale in a world class setting. Importantly, the acreage offered the significant advantage of being located immediately adjacent to the main transport infrastructure for oil in Alaska – the Trans Alaska Pipeline Network (‘TAPS’) and the Dalton Highway (the major supply road built to support the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. Being located in such close proximity to the road and pipeline infrastructure is a key point of differentiation and a key advantage over all other undeveloped properties regionally. These benefits are extremely material and should not be underestimated, potentially saving Pantheon tens or hundreds of millions of dollars of development capex, and should result in savings measured in years, for development time horizons. For example, the Alkaid project, located immediately underneath and adjacent to TAPS, provides the opportunity of year-round activity, rather than only the winter months as is the case for other projects. These are considered to be extremely significant advantages.

Pantheon has over 1,000 square miles of modern, high quality, 3D seismic, most of which is proprietary, and has long life leases (+/- 9 years on average) over 160,000 mostly contiguous acres which offers the potential for billions of barrels of oil. This acreage position has been extensively refined over recent years and today Pantheon has a 100% working interest in all of its projects.. Over US$250m has been invested into the assets to date, providing a rich dataset of information which has been used to gain an in-depth analysis of the sub surface geology, which directors believe offers multi billion barrel of oil potential.

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