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Term Definition

Steel pipe which lines the well bore from surface. The casing isolates subsurface fluids from the well bore and prevents rock material from sloughing off the sides of the well bore.


Cubic feet of gas

Charge risk

A general term for risk that a source rock exists, that it has been is or still is generating hydrocarbons, that a trap was in place before generation , and that a conduit exists between the source rock and the reservoir.


A modifier describing rocks that were deposited by the mechanical action of water, i.e., being carried in suspension and then dropped when the energy in the flow becomes too weak to support the material. Typically, sandstone and shale.


On an isolated structural high, the area enclosed by the lowest closing contour.


A hydrocarbon phase which separates out from natural gas and condenses into liquids when the hydrocarbons are produced.


Late Mesozoic time; roughly 140 to 65 million years ago.

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