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Term Definition

Used as a modifier of sedimentary rock to denote deposition in the ocean.


Used in association with source rock. A description applied to organic rich rock which is capable, because of sufficient temperature and burial depth, of generating hydrocarbons.


Millidarcy , a unit of measurement used to describe permeability, i.e., the tendency for liquids to flow through a rock unit. A high permeability indicates a good reservoir.


The movement of hydrocarbons from the source rock to the reservoir.


Million barrels.


Million barrels of oil.


Million British Thermal Units.


Million cubic feet of gas per day. A measure of gas flow rates from a producing well.

Monte Carlo

A methodology for estimating a given quantity based on the statistical distribution of input values on which the quantity depends. Typically, the output quantity is calculated several thousand times (each calculation is called a trial), for each trial using input parameter values extracted randomly according to their statistical distributions. The result is a statistical distribution of output values.


Thousand standard cubic feet at atmospheric conditions.

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